From the Santorini Airport to Fira: Guide to Getting Around Santorini

Santorini is an island but has different options for arriving. Santorini is unique because it has its own airport, found on the main island. This airport operates many international flights. It has seasonal service to many popular destinations from Europe and in the Middle East as well as private charter flights. There are several land transportation options available after leaving from Santorini airport to Fira which is the central tourist area of Santorini.

From Santorini Airport to Fira

Buses– Santorini also has a local bus service that’s a very efficient way of getting around Santorini. If you’re traveling from the airport to Fira, there’s a particular bus that operates on this route. Fira is a hub on Santorini, so many of them operate from this center to other parts of the island. You can easily transfer at Fira to access any of these other areas. Some buses  can take you directly to Fira and then you can transfer from there, but depending on the season(peak season/low season) the bus service varies. The trip takes 15-20 minutes, and it costs 2.50 euros one way.  Click on the link for more info on the Bus Schedule. You can also check the schedule at the airport for any updates.


The journey starts from Santorini Airport to Fira. The unforgettable journey awaits at the city of Fira.

Hotel Pickups-Some hotels provide shuttles for their guests free of charge or at an additional cost.  They can sometimes offer to book a taxi for you to make traveling around Santorini much simpler.

Taxis- You’ll come across taxis from the time you leave the airport and even just around the different parts of the island.You’ll see many of these taxis hanging around areas such as Fira or Oia, where most tourists are. The taxi services can usually take you to where you need to go around the island. It may take a long wait during the peak season getting a taxi at the airport and very hard to find one during nighttime.

It is advisable that you book a taxi in advance. Taxi rates range from 25-35 Euros.

Airport Transfers -There’s a variety of choices for  Airport transfers to Fira. Perhaps, the cheapest of them all is  Rideways .Their rates range from 26 Euros(4 passengers) – 38 Euros(8 passengers).


Getting Around Santorini


Walking around Oia

The view from Oia

Santorini is a great place to explore by foot.  Fira’s town center will place you right in the middle of many of its attractions. You’ll be within walking distance from many shops, restaurants, and even nightlife entertainment. Perissa is another example of an area where walking is common. This area is known for its beaches. There’s an entire boardwalk of places to visit that one can easily access by walking.

The Parissa Beach


Car/Motorbike/ATV Rentals

Nothing beats the thrill of exploring  Santorini on your own. By far the best option, when the buses tend to be a little overcrowded during the high season. Santorini is a very scenic island, and there are several beautiful beaches to explore. Roads wind along its coast making it an enjoyable ride to your destination or just sightseeing. Fira has smaller roads, especially around its center.Prices may vary depending on the car and if you’re lucky you can bargain for a better price. Average price for a car rental per day costs €45 while motorcycle/quad costs  €15-€ 30 per day.  Don’t forget to bring your international driving license with you.

Motorbike rentals are everywhere in Santorini    Attribution: Aulo Aasmaa



Santorini Tours

There are many different options for exploring Santorini on your schedule. Santorini also has a variety of tours that take you to some of the special highlights of the island that you may miss on your own. Many tourism companies operate in Santorini, but there are good deals that you can find among them.

Here are a few activities you should consider:

Boat tours are in high demand in Santorini. These boat tours will take you to the volcano and hot springs. An eruption formed Santorini and the large crater, called the Caldera, was a result of many years of natural development. You can see the reason for this beautiful island up close on tour here. You’ll have the opportunity to hike up the volcano which will give you incredible views of the entire island.

The hot spring in Santorini

The first stop of the boat tour is the Hot Spring.       Source:  Χρήστης:Klearchoskapoutsis



Since it’s such a picturesque island, Santorini also has several boat tours that cater towards families or big groups and furthermore classified to the Day Cruise(lots of swimming) and the  Sunset Cruise(swimming+sunset watching). Sunset boat tours are some of the most common tours that you’ll find. These trips will take you out to the water to enjoy a meal and a few drinks. You have the opportunity to swim in the sea or just lounge on the deck while having one of the best views in the world.Almost all the boats are inclusive of food and hotel-pickup.

Santorini Boat tours  by Flickr/Mary Madigan

Here are best boat tours in Santorini:

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