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Adventure Travel

In Adventure Travel, we travel the world seeking to tread softly, explore local culture and environments, have some adventures, and give back along the way.

We explore alpine adventures, water adventures, equestrian adventures, solo travel, and more. Our Eco-Travel articles cover jungle safaris, nature wildlife tours, and environmentally responsible travel – everything from safaris in Africa to sea turtles in Central America. We visit sustainable tourism projects that are helping to save fragile landscapes and benefit local economies. In International Volunteering, learn how to use your skills to help others. Volunteer travel opportunities include raising homes, teaching schools in developing countries, planting trees in deforested jungles, or building trails closer to home.

Adventure Activities

It is the place to find the latest news about exotic and off-beat destinations, adventure tour operators, travel gear, and gadgets. We’ll help you find out where to enjoy your favorite sport or activity or where to learn a new sport. We’ll also cover how to stay healthy before, during, and after your adventure travel journey.

From scrambling on the rooftops of Stockholm, Sweden, to downhill indoor skiing in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai to ziplining in America’s biggest aerial adventure park, we’ve got an adventure for every taste and every pocketbook.

Safaris/Jungle Travel

Want to watch lions prowling the Serengeti? Ride an elephant in Thailand? Tag a crocodile in Belize? You’ve come to the right place. In safaris and jungle travel, we take you to the world’s wildest destinations and give you information about what it’s like to get nose to nose with a mountain gorilla or an elephant.

Solo Travel

Single? Introverted? Have a schedule that doesn’t jibe with the programs of your friends? Traveling alone is a challenging and rewarding way to see the world. It’s tough because it can be a bit more expensive, there are some safety issues, and you have to perform all the arrangements alone. It’s rewarding because traveling alone forces you to open up to strangers — natives and other travelers alike. We’ll share tips for safety, budgets, meeting others, and suggest strategies to maximize your fun as a solo traveler.