Best Area to Stay in Prague: The Ultimate Guide and Accomodations


Best Area to Stay in Prague: The Ultimate Guide for All types of Travelers


The verdict: What is the best Area to stay in Prague?

 The best area without a doubt is in Prague 1, and with good reason: it’s where everything you probably want to see is located, and you can get to almost everything without taking the metro or a tram. The 2 spots in  Prague 1 which I highly recommend is either in Malá Strana (Little Quarter) or in Staré Město (Old Town) are beautiful areas to stay.  If you don’t mind some noise from the bars and get as close as possible to the attractions Staré Město is the way to go. But if you do however want a quieter spot yet still near to the attractions, Mala Strana is highly recommended. It is just a 4-minute walk to the Charles bridge.




Here ‘s an in-depth explanation of the different districts in Prague.


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Best Areas to Stay for Different Types of Traveler :

Old Town / Staré Město (Prague 1)- Best for the history buffs, first-timers, best for nightlife, day-trippers

Almost all the attractions are in Prague 1. Get lost there and you’ll still end up staring at another tourist attraction at the Old Town.


Why is the Old Town  best for nightlife and the history buffs?

As the name suggests, Staré Město (Old Town) is a town deep-seated not only with Prague’s but also with Czech Republic’s history. Walking along the magical cobblestone streets, you’ll see centuries-old architecture in the midst of the Old Town Square. The famous Charles Bridge also starts from the Old Town where you can overlook the beautiful vistas along the Vltava. Prague’s top attractions, establishments, and shopping centers are only a walking distance away from the Old Town. Thus, if you only have a day to tour-around, this is the best place to start.

Staying in Prague’s Old Town is minutes away from nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Going home tipsy wouldn’t also be a problem as you can simply walk or crawl your way home to your hotel.


Awesome Places to See in the Old town

1) Old Town Square 

The square is a must-see structure in the city which serves as its main marketplace.


The Old Town Square in Prague 1

The Old Town Square


2) Tyn Church 

Located opposite the Old Town Square is the Tyn Church with differently-sized steeples that represent Adam and Eve.

Tyn church located in Prague 1


3) Powder Tower

Separating the Old Town from the New Town is the monumental entrance called Powder Tower which is among the original city gates of Prague.



4) Astronomical Clock

Featured in the Old Town Square is the Astronomical Clock dating back to 1410. It displays a mechanical show of Jesus, the saints, and the deadly sins every hour.


astronomical clock at the old town prague


5) Old New Synagogue

Just northwest of the Old Town is the old Jewish quarter of Joselov which hosts the Old New Synagogue. It is one of the six synagogues representing the Jewish history of Prague.

Where to Stay in the Old Town


1) Hotel Hastal Prague Old Town – Hotel Hastal is a four-star accommodation located only a few steps away from the Old Town. The family-made hotel will ensure a warm, luxurious, and comfortable stay.

Click here for the best rates of Hotel Hastal Prague


2) Residence Bologna – Only 300 meters away from the famous Charles Bridge is Residence Bologna which boasts of the prime Architecture of Viktor Kafka. It is a comfortable place to stay with a Mediterranean Restaurant in its vicinity.


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3) Hilton Prague Hotel – If you plan to stay with a family or a group of people, hotels like the Hilton Prague are just around the corner. It is a relaxing place that features a health club and spa where meetings and events can be held.  


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Wenceslao Square at Nove Mesto (New Town) – Best Place for Stags

Nove Mesto, also known as the New town is a business district in Prague. Then “not so new town”    was founded 800 years ago yet the youngest among the districts. This area is a home to a plethora of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Why is Nove Mesto the best place for the lads?

Contrary to what first-time tourists may think, the New Town isn’t at all new as it was founded in 1348. It got its moniker since it is the youngest of the five historic Prague towns. In the town are numerous baroque and gothic buildings including the infamous Wenceslas Square and the Republic Square. You can also find the main train station and the National Museum here. There, too, is an abundant number of shopping centers and restaurants in Nove Mesto. The streets in the New Town conform to the ‘block’ system although parking is mostly reserved.


If you’ll walk along the Wenceslas Square, especially at night, you’ll notice that it’s a bit ‘louder’ than its neighboring towns. This is due to the bulk of bars that make up for a great nightlife, especially adult entertainment for local Stag Party crowds. There may be fewer places to dine and sleep, but the prices are mostly friendlier anyway. As the main commercial district of Prague, the New Town has its way of giving its tourist an interesting and action-filled experience


  Awesome Places to See in the New Town

1) Wenceslas Square 

The busy commercial district of the New Town is centered around the Wenceslas Square which is an ideal base for culture ventures, shopping, and clubbing.


2) National Museum 

Founded by Kašpar Maria Šternberg in 1818, the National Museum is intended for the exhibitions of historical and natural science collections.

credit: Wikimedia


3) Dancing House

It is situated right next to the Vltava River and is a great choice for those who are interested in architecture, walking, and beer.

dancing house

Where to Stay in Nove Mesto for the stags


Ea Hotel Manes – This four-star and luxurious accommodation is close to the Vltava River and many historical museums, monuments, and theatres in Nove Mesto.

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Colloseum Hotel – If you are looking into visiting the National Theatre, the Colloseum Hotel is one of the closest ones you’ll find.

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Park Inn Hotel Prague – The hotel is a beautiful building built in the splendid Art Deco style which features a business center, fitness center, and Czech cuisine restaurant.

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•Hradcany (Prague 1) –Best Place to Stay for Couples

Hradcany, also known as the Castle District, is a great place to stay for travelers who want to enjoy Prague’s tranquility. Imagine yourself waking up staring at the castle right by the window. While it was once a route for pagan sacrifices, Hradcany is now a famous marketplace where tons of restaurants, cafes, shops, and pubs are situated. 

Prague Castle is just a short 10-minute, downhill walk. Public transit stops right by the corner. The Castle District is much quieter than most parts of Prague. With less traffic, you’ll be able to enjoy an easy-going lifestyle in this area. The accommodation here is a bit pricey, but it’s worth the price with the excellent view.  Those who prefer a quieter and more subdued visit will most likely enjoy the place.



Why is Hradcany the Best Place to Stay for Couples?

As it is a quieter place in Prague, Hradcany is perfect for visiting couples who want to savor each and every moment in the City of Spires. Enjoy the romantic walk to the busier side of the river, with the best view of Prague from the top especially when the weather is on point.

Best Romantic Accommodations to Stay in Hradcany


Golden Well – The hotel boasts its cobblestone streets and its world-class restaurant overlooking the stunning Prague Castle.


Astoria Hotel – Astoria Hotel has a superb location in the city center and is just a few steps from the Old Town Square.


 Awesome Things to See in Hradcany


1) Prague Castle 

Known as one of the largest castles in the world, Prague Castle is definitely Prague’s top attraction located in Hradcany.



2) St. Vitus Cathedral 

The cathedral is the most important one in the history of the country and it is at the very center of the Prague Castle.

St.Vitus Cathedral- What to do in Hradcany at Prague 1

St.Vitus Cathedral

3) Old Royal Palace 

It is part of the Prague Castle which was originally the seat of Czech rulers.


4) St George’s Basilica – Another part of the Prague Castle complex is this chapel designed in  Baroque style.

St.George's Basilica

St.George’s Basilica credit: wikimedia



5) The Golden Lane 

Situated northeast of the Prague Castle, the Golden Lane is a lane of colorful small houses which was originally home to the city’s goldsmiths.



•Mala Strana (Prague 1)- Best for Families

Mala Strana, also known as the “Lesser Town”  or the “Lesser Quarter” is the complete opposite of the Old Town.It is Prague’s architecture minus the crowd. The area is perfect to wander and discover all that the architecture in the area has to offer. A variety of restaurants nearby yet cheaper compared to the ones in Old Town.


The view from the Mala Strana Bridge

The view from the Mala Strana Bridge credit: wikimedia


Why is it best for families?

Mala Strana, otherwise known as Lesser Town or Little Quarter, is a picturesque town clustered below the Prague Castle. There are plenty of restaurants, museums, and shops in the district just like in any other in Prague. However, unlike the New and Old town, there is no nightlife in Mala Strana, making it a quieter and safer place for a family with children to stroll.




Awesome Things to See in Mala Strana


1) Malostranke Square 

At the city center is a small marketplace divided into an upper and lower part that serves as Mala Strana’s most distinctive landmark.

Malostranke Square

Malostranke Square credit: wikimedia

2) Charles Bridge – The main square is located near the historic Charles Bridge as you come across it.

3) Smiricky Palace 

Built in the 17th century, the Smiricky Palace served as a home to the Smirice family- a noble family during the Renaissance period.


4) Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka, the great German-language writer, has his life, influences, and works preserved in this museum.


Where to Stay in Mala Strana


Ibis Praha Mala Strana – Close to the historic district of Mala Strana is Hotel Ibis Praha which is located near the Charles Bridge, Wenceslas, Old Town Square and many other attractions.


Hotel Residence Green Lobster – Even closer to the historical sites is this four-star residence housed in baroque style building

5) Letna (Prague 7)- Best for Backpackers

Letna Park

Letna Park wikimedia

Just across the Old Town river is a quiet residential area popular among students or other people who are looking for a reasonable price. The tram and metro public transportation provides an affordable alternative to visitors. Among its best attractions in Letna is called Letna Park which is the biggest there is in Letna. The park’s winding paths serve as an excellent spot for walkers and skaters, while the beer garden is overlooking the center of Prague. There’s a lot of restaurants and pubs along the neighborhood too. If you fancy football, you can visit Prague’s football stadium as well.


Why is Letna Best for the Backpackers?

Letna is one of Prague’s hidden gems.And because it’s a bit off the beaten path the prices of the accommodations are cheaper. There are other districts that offer cheap prices but due to Letna’s good public transportation by metro and tram, it’s the best for travelers on a budget.


Awesome things to see in Letna:

Other than the Letna Garden and the Beer Garden here are other awesome things you can delight yourself within Letna:

Beer Garden in Letna

One of the popular hangouts in Letna, the Beer Garden first opens at the start of spring where the weather is not so chilly. Tourists and locals enjoy Prague’s local beer while enjoying the view of the Old town below.  credit: Flicker


Prague football stadium – The stadium has the seating capacity for 20, 000 visitors and is currently the second largest in Prague.


National Technical Museum – Built in the 1940’s, the museum now holds exhibitions demonstrating the wealth and technical prowess of the Slovaks and the Czechs.


 Where to Stay in Letna on a Budget?


Hostel Seven – Hostel 7 is close to the tram stop and a grocery store. It is a great choice for those on a tight budget.

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Leon Hotel – You can immediately get a tram from the front door and travel all the way to the main square.

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Apartments Rooseveltova Kolej – The accommodation is 2.6km away from Charles Bridge and 2.6km away from Wenceslas Square.

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Some Areas to Avoid in Prague


1) Restaurants at the Old Town


Though Prague is generally an affordable city to visit, Old Town restaurants are incredibly pricey due to heavy tourist traffic. If you want to save some bucks, you should avoid eating in restaurants located in the heart of the Old Town and other popular tourist destinations. It is recommended to travel just a few blocks away so you can get a sumptuous meal for a fraction of the expensive Old Town price.

2) Karlova Street


Not all places visited by lots of tourists are great – some of them are simply tourist traps. The Karlova street located just across the Charles Bridge is one of them. Filled with thick crowds, souvenir shops, and street performers, the place is prone to many unlikely incidents. If you happen to cross the area, keep a close eye to your belongings and try not to purchase any from the shops. Doing this will just rip you off of your precious travel budget.


3) Money Exchange Scams


The last place to be wary of is money exchange stations. While it cannot be generalized, many of them take hidden fees or may shortchange visitors. “No commission is definitely meant high commission”    If you can, stick to ATMs instead.


Other Hotels in Prague

You now have the idea of what to do in Prague. Here are some more choices of the best hotels in Prague . Prague will not only captivate you with its rich beauty but will make sure that your stay is worthwhile.


Ventana Hotel Prague

The Ventana Hotel Prague is the ideal example of elegance and intricacy. You’ll be stunned by the stupefying glass chandeliers placed in the lobby, the amazing stone coiling the staircase, and the five-story atrium. The rooms are large enough and indeed lavish. Moreover, there are split-level suites with living rooms, having four-poster beds and even kitchenettes for prudent travelers.

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Grand Hotel Bohemia

The Grand Hotel Bohemia prides its 79 guest rooms in a 1920s aesthetic building, and their main attraction is the grand neo-baroque ballroom. At their in-house Franz Josef Restaurant, you can dine on a high-end Czech cuisine which also offers international delights. Most of the suites at the Grand Hotel Bohemia have scenic views of the Old Town. It also has modernized amenities such as Nespresso machines and iMac computers. In addition to this, guests can use a nearby fitness center and spa. The incredible thing is the use of the free transport cards to roam around the city.


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Hotel Kings Court

The Hotel Kings Court was once known as the Czech Chamber of Commerce. The hotel is an ideal example of luxurious comfort, which offers marvelous touches of soft quilted headboards and astonishing terraces, letting you see the scenic views of the Prague. You will also appreciate the spa, casino, and restaurant, which is known for its impeccable cuisine.

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Hotel Residence Agnes

Housed in a narrow, cobblestone street is the Hotel Residence Agnes, which is considered as travelers’ favorite as the hotel allows you to enjoy the history and culture of the place without having to spend so much. It is easy to recognize because of its unique pink stone exterior and its enchanting windows. Rooms are adorned with rich wood, beautified with luxurious fabrics, and comes with perks like Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions to keep the guests entertained.


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Savic Hotel

The Savic Hotel in Prague boasts its original ceiling that dates way back to the fourteenth century. This is a non-smoking hotel and offers luxurious restaurants where you can enjoy. Breakfast is free for all guests, and you will surely be in love with the beautifully designed rooms and suites.


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The splendor of the Czech capital is no secret to many tourists. The cobblestone streets and the contemporary architecture evident from the buildings that line them up are more than enough reason to visit the city.

But the city doesn’t only reflect history as there are modern activities and attractions too which keep the city stylish no matter the season or time. Some of which are the big year-round party thrown in clubs and high streets. The city is known for the world’s best beer too!

Prague has everything you want to see. Best of all, you can go almost everywhere on foot without needing to take the metro or a tram. If you ever decide to stay, there are also several quaint accommodations to pick.



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