Christmas Europe Breaks: Holiday Destinations For The Christmas Holiday

                 Christmas  Europe Breaks: Holiday Destinations for the Holidays

Take some Christmas Europe breaks to visit wonderful cities throughout Europe. Christmas is the time of year to be with family and friends. Why not get everyone together and travel to an unbelievable place for the holidays? Here are some magical, fairytale places to enjoy all your Christmas European breaks:

Salzburg, Austria:


This might just be the perfect place to spend your Christmas holiday. Salzburg is home to one of the oldest markets in the entire world. Salzburg has been around since the 15th-century having strong historical roots. Christkindlmarkts are Christmas markets that take place during this season. It is where family and friends get together and celebrate the holiday. These markets sell crafts made by local artists including hand-carved nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks.
While in Salzburg, there are so many things to do on Christmas holiday. This includes skiing in the Alps and visiting the Alpine Heritage event. You’ll definitely the Austrian cuisine!
This is just one of the many Christmas Europe breaks you might want to look into.   Check out The Best Hotels in Salzburg Austria

Vienna, Austria:


Vienna has always been a wonderful destination year-round. The best time is during your Christmas European break! It’s exceptional! Engulf yourself in Christmas sounds, twinkling lights, and old world charm! Visit the outdoor Christkindmarkts for handmade amazing crafts from clocks to nut crackers . Enjoy a glass of spicy mulled wine or snack on some delightful Austrian treats. It is a must that while in Vienna, you go and listen to the famous Vienna Boys’ Choir. You will definitely fall into the Christmas spirit!  Check out The Best Hotels in Vienna,Austria

Valkenburg, Netherlands:

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If shopping is your thing, you must visit Valkenburg! Be lost in the amazing Valkenburg Christmas market which is literally underground! You will wander through passageways and find wonderful gifts for family and friends. Discover beautiful sculptures, exquisite mural drawings that date back to the Romans. Don’t miss the actual 18th-century chapel! This is an experience you do not want to miss out on during your Christmas Europe break.
The market is open from the middle of November until Christmas. The entire town turns into a magical, festival winter wonderland. Your children will love Santa on his sleigh, and the reindeers in the caves! Check out The Best Hotels in Valkenburg, Netherlands

Copenhagen, Denmark:


It is impossible to visit Copenhagen during this time of year and not be swept up in the Christmas spirit! The entire town twinkles in decorations, festive cheer, and the magic of Christmas. A must thing to do is a visit to the Tivoli Gardens which is the second oldest amusement park in the entire world. During the Christmas season, the entire city turns into a winter wonderland. Families will have a wonderful time enjoying fun rides, Christmas displays, and stalls.
Walk along the waterfront of Nyhavn and take in all the gorgeous decorations. Join in on the 50-year-old traditional Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas table which features 6 Christmas tables designed to create their own story. Check out The Best Hotels in Copenhagen,Denmark

Bruges, Belgium:

Bruges dates back to Medieval times and is a favorite tourist spot, year round. If you come here during Christmas, you are in for a real treat. Plan your holiday between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and enjoy their Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival. Each year they have a certain theme. Talented artists will turn tons of ice or tons of snowflakes into artwork! If this event doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!

Check out  The Best Hotels in Bruges,Belgium

Strasbourg, France:

When you come to Strasbourg, you will enjoy their series of Christmas village themes. At the Village of Alsace Farmhouse, you will enjoy many tasty treats. This includes apricots and fresh foie gras. Visit the nearby Village of Bredle and enjoy their famous Christmas biscuits. While visiting, you will discover many cultural events and the city’s Christmas concerts.   Check out The Best Hotels in Strasbourg, France

Tallinn, Estonia:

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It is located on the northern coast, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. This cultural hub with its cobblestone streets is home to shops and a 15th-century tower.
Tallin’s Christmas celebrations are widespread in the beautiful white snow. Tallinn celebrates the season with its famous tree in the Town Hall Square. The tree has little huts for locals to sell their goods and many handcrafted artworks. Enjoy their outdoor ice rink and the Estonian Open Air Museum’s Christmas Village.
The Old Riga Christmas Market is a favorite for tourists of its architecture. There are many events for children. This includes their famous carousel and a horse-drawn carriage.  Their animal corner that houses sheep and rabbits are the kids’ favorite. This time of year, the Cat House is a place for felines from the local animal shelter.
Learn something about their traditional log dragging, Stitchcraft, and holiday cooking. Let the aromas of freshly baked glazed gingerbread carry you over to tasty treats.    Check out  The Best Hotels in Tallin, Estonia

Helsinki, Finland:



The capital of Finland is located in the southern region on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Famous for its National Museum which traces the Finnish history all the way back to the Stone Age. During the Christmas season, their markets are proud to be one of the finest in all of Europe. The amazing Christmas Market of Helsinki is among the top ten Christmas markets and a must see. You will love their bustling markets loaded with fun, food, and festive activities. Family and friends all love visiting here and having the time of their lives. You should place Helsinki on your list of Christmas European breaks.  Check out the Best Hotels in Helsinski,Finland


Reykjavik, Iceland:

Reykjavik sits on the coast of Iceland and is the country’s capital and largest city. Their National and Saga Museums trace their Viking heritage. The Yule Town Christmas offers many wonderful holiday traditions. This includes Santas that bring gifts to kids around town! The Yule Town Christmas market is a home to small huts that offer gifts, decorations, and tasty treats. Don’t just stop by once, every day there will be new handcrafted items from local artists.

Check out The Best Hotels in Reykjavik,Iceland

 Grab a change to fulfill your bucket list by experiencing the Northern Lights that radiate across the sky during this time of the year.

Cologne, Germany:

Cologne is 2,000 years old and sits on the Rhine River in western Germany. It is famous for its High Gothic architecture and beautiful Cologne Cathedral. Visitors to Cologne during this season are in for a treat with its buildings decorated with holiday cheer.
There are a total of 8 different markets lining along both sides of the Rhine. Visitors stop by and enjoy a cup of hot gluhwein which is a spicy authentic wine that will warm you up from head to toe. Wander through the markets to find wonderful gifts,  holiday decorations, and yummy food!

Nuremberg, Germany:

Nuremberg is well-known for its beautiful Medieval architecture. It is home to one of the oldest and most amazing Christmas markets in all of Germany. The place comes alive with Christmas activities, traditions, and wonderful goods.
Decorated stalls are all over the city offering everything from toys to arts and crafts. This city is famous for its long history of making toys and their Toy Museum can testify to that!    Check out The Best Hotels in Nuremberg,Germany

London, England:

There is no place on earth that spells Charles Dickens or A Christmas Carol like London! When visiting London during the Christmas season, enjoy their ice skating rinks, Victorian events, Christmas carol concerts.
A trip to London is not complete until you visit Kew Gardens in West London. The place is famous for seasonal shopping, scrumptious treats, and brilliant Christmas lights!
If shopping is your thing, visit the wonderful Christmas Market at Tate Modern. Don’t forget to try their yummy gingerbread!
If you are looking for a gift that is truly unique, visit Mile End’s Ecology Pavilion. Check out the homemade creations from well over 50 artists. You will find everything from unique ceramics, clothing, and jewelry.
Next, stop by Hyper Japan at Tobacco Dock to purchase other very unique and exotic items. Enjoy some excellent sushi and sake or join in on their wonderful workshops.     Check out The Best Hotels in London,England

Berlin, Germany:


While visiting Berlin, stroll through the many Christmas markets decorated with beautiful ornaments. The air is full of Christmas music that will definitely give you the spirit of Christmas during your Christmas Europe break.    Check out The Best Hotels in Berlin,Germany



Zagreb has been nicknamed the “Best European Christmas Market” and rightfully so. There are dozens of locations to explore but you will need more than a day or two to cover everything. After a day of shopping, take a stroll through Zagreb parking and pick up a souvenir or two!

Stockholm, Sweden:

 Overlooking the Baltic Sea to the east, Stockholm is a must visit during the holidays.During the Christmas season, take in the mouth-watering scent of freshly baked gingerbread and do some holiday shopping at the  Christmas markets. Visit the Old Town and Skansen for the most magnificent markets anywhere. Attend the celebrations at the royal family’s private residence at the Drottningholm Castle!   Check out The Best Hotels in Stockholm,Sweden


Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest is one of the best locations for celebrating Christmas. There are so many wonderful festive activities throughout the whole city. This includes attending midnight mass at St. Stephen Basilica and  Hungarian Folk Show. While here, you should stop by the Christmas Market at Vorosmarty Square. Afterwards, take a night cruise on the Danube.  Check out  The Best Hotels in Budapest, Hungary

Brussels, Belgium:

Brussels is the capital region and located in the central area of Belgium. Be sure to visit one of the largest Christmas markets held in the city inside the Place Flagey.  You will find handmade products from artists who travel here from other countries. A trip to the town is never complete until you have visited the Christmas tree at the Grand Palace. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a sumptuous chocolate waffle while walking around.

Check out The Best Hotels in Brussels,Belgium



Valencia, Spain:

Valencia is located on the southeastern coast of Spain. Well-known for its yearly nativity play, this city is a wonderful blend of the old and the new during this season. This is one of the most popular and loved Christmas locations throughout all of Europe. Try the freshly roasted chestnuts and visit the Gran Circo Wonderland with the kids.  Check out  The Best Hotels in Valencia, Spain


Geneva, Switzerland:

Christmas Europe Breaks: Geneva Switzerland

Geneva is located at the southern tip of Lake Geneva and surrounded by the magnificent Alps. Geneva is famous for its Christmas lights that are unsurpassed. The entire city and shops are decorated with gorgeous lights. Visit the many Christmas food markets for the most mouth-watering treats anywhere. If you are in the shopping mood, visit Rue du Marché or Rue de Rive.   Check out The Best Hotels in Geneva, Switzerland

There you have it!
The list of the finest destinations for your holiday and Christmas European breaks!


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