Iceland in the spring: The Best 4 days spent in Reykjavik
Here are  the best tours to get acquainted with Reykjavik:
Iceland has a population of a little over 300,000 people and it is one of the most sought-after travel destinations of our time.   I myself is not a nature lover but seeing Iceland through my very eyes when I visited Iceland in spring gave me chills through my spine. The breathtaking views of this wonderful country made me realize there are more to see and mother earth is full of amazing surprises. Without further ado, I am going to share with you the things that you can do in Iceland in the spring.  



Here’s  the best 4-day itinerary in Iceland  in the spring:

1st day -The Search for the Northern Lights, Walk around the places near the hotel

 We traveled to Reykjavik in April and arrived late in the afternoon.  After a long and tiring flight, the first day would always be a light stroll around the nearby places in the hotel. 


Here are the tours  that we booked during our trip:


Some of the views from the bus on the way to Reyjkavic downtown in April,spring season in Iceland

Some of the views from the bus on the way to Reyjkavic downtown

It's called Iceland for a reason!

Just the perfect combination! A warm noodle soup for the cold breezy weather!

Luckily, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from nearby the hotel. And the meeting point for the tours is just a minute walk away.  It pays off to stay central!
 We stayed at  Center Hotel  Midgardur.  Check it out at


And what’s the best way to end the night?
A  tour to find the Northern Lights. . .

We booked the   Northern Lights Bus Tour at

Our expectation . . .


During this time of the year, the sun sets as late as 21.00 and even more late in some areas in the country. The chances of the experiencing the Northern Lights during springtime is a  hit or miss.
Depending on the forecast if the sky is clear and there are no signs of overcast, the tour goes on. But it’s never a guarantee. 
We did the tour for 3 nights(skipped the tour on the 2nd day for some reason) actually but we saw nothing and it was a bummer. Luckily, our tour group offers free re-booking of the trip just so you can see the Northern Lights.  We love the thought that an open ticket is offered by the Getyourguidefor the Northern Lights tour is valid for the next 3 years when we come back to Reykjavik. 
We went to a place near the Thingvellir Park/Þingvellir park and we waited there for hours every single trip and nothing appeared.  However, a  few subtle pictures of the Northern Lights were captured by the camera unseen by the naked eye.
Here’s a look at our very amateur photos of the Northern lights:
Reality . . . 
northern lights in iceland
 I swear I didn’t use paint!
The Northern Lights are visible only to our DSLR camera.
The lights just showed up in our cameras for a  few minutes and just vanished into thin air.  Despite the icy wind, the people in the tour group stood for hours waiting for it to appear.

2nd day-  Golden Circle Tour

  Check our the Golden Circle Tour at



The whole day was spent for the Golden Circle tour from 8am-4pm. It got its name  “The Golden Circle” because it is the  Golden ticket to this enchanting country as you explore the different breathtaking places.
This consists of the  Þingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir, Faxi waterfalls.
Þingvellir national park was the site of trade in the olden times. You can see here the tectonic plates that divide Europe and Asia (Eurasian) and the one that divides Europe and North America (North American).
I felt so blessed and privileged to see such beauty. Knowing that tectonic plates are the ones you learn from were in grade school and thinking that maybe it is just a theory, but this made me think otherwise.

The Gullfoss waterfall that means the  Gold Waterfalls lives up to its name because as you witness it, it makes you forget your name by just standing there admiring in awe on how such place is still beautifully preserved to be appreciated. Geysir is one of the things that you usually ignore and think that maybe it is not interesting at all, but seeing it, in reality, made my skin crawl. This footage made literally my arms numb as I await its magical appearance. 

The exploding Geysir in iceland in Spring

The exploding Geysir from our Golden Circle tour in the spring.

3rd  day-South  Iceland Tour, Northern Lights Tour(another attempt)

Check out the South Iceland tour at
The trip again takes one whole day. This time we wandered around the south side of Iceland. It is about an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik but it is nevertheless beautiful as in the Golden Circle.
Here in this very place we discovered a lot of places where the famous Game of Thrones tv show which was shot and the  Reynisfjara is one of them and oh this place is really creepy as it has taken a lot of lives because of its strong water current, in visiting here please be very careful by going near the water as it can catch you and will pull you straight in to the water. Aside from that creepy side the most astounding rock formations ever are to be seen and the sand which is really black and the basaltic columns forms as columns of hexagonal basalt rock that often form cliffs perfectly.
Reynisfjara cave
Next stop is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Its astounding beauty leads you to a cave where you can testify its wonders and magnificent view. The path to the cave was very slippery the time we were there and for our safety purposes, we did not have the chance to explore such view. 
Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Skógafoss waterfall is also an astonishing view. In this waterfall, you can choose two ways wherein you can take the perfect picture. You can get as near as possible or you can climb in a flight of stairs that will a lot you 10 minutes to reach the top , but for us due to time constraints, we did not have enough time to climb up and back again so we just took a bunch of pictures and admired its perfection. In addition, there is a camping site near the waterfalls where you can spend the night with this one of a kind view.

4th day- Reykjavik City Tour, Blue Lagoon

 Check  out Reykjavik City Tour and  Blue Lagoon at

Anyways let us move on and find the light at the end of this depressing tunnel and that is for me is the Blue Lagoon. On our 4th day, we were in The  Blue Lagoon.
This place is not a natural phenomenon folks because it is a geothermal spa. The temperature of the water is from 37-39 degrees Celsius and because of the rich minerals that are found in the warm waters namely the silica and sulfur, it can help heal different kinds of skin diseases like psoriasis.
The Blue Lagoon offers a wide range of services like a restaurant and hotel. It is better to buy the tickets beforehand on their website and there you can choose different kinds of packages to fulfill your blue lagoon needs. The different packages offer mud mask, towels, bathrobe, slippers, drinks in the lagoon and if you want the luxury stuff you can choose the retreat spa. The retreat spa is a 4 hr indulgence of massages, private spa area, in water treatments etc.
Hmmm isn’t that enticing?  It was a taste of heaven and I can not wait to come back here someday. 
In the afternoon, we explored the whole city of Reykjavik.
Did you know that Reykjavik means a bay of smoke because apparently, the first people who discovered Reykjavik saw smoke or steam that is coming out from the ground?
Our first stop is the opera. It is a concert hall and conference center and at night time it changes it lights plus the ceiling though is amazing.
The next stop is the white house of Iceland. It was quite an experience because we just roam around the place and there was no security, not at that time at least. Icelanders love their president and the president’s wife. They think she is hilarious and down to earth. 
Some of the highlights from our city in Reyjavik during spring time.
The Perlan building is a good stop if you want to see the city from above their viewing deck. The Perlan building has an also a glacier exhibition where you can learn all about the glaciers in Iceland. 




The view from the Perland building in Reykjavik,Iceland in the spring

The view from the Perland building in Reykjavik in spring

Reasons to visit Iceland in the Spring

1) Fewer Tourists in Iceland in April and May


Visiting Iceland in the spring gives travelers the chance to experience all the country has to offer before swarms of tourists take over in the summer. Without the crowds, it is easier to comfortably explore Iceland’s breathtaking nature parks, charming villages and vibrant capital of Reykjavík.

2) Puffins arrive in Iceland in Spring

The Puffins come back Iceland during springtime.

The Puffins come back to Iceland again during springtime.

Atlantic puffins spend most of their lives in the ocean, but in the spring, they migrate to nearby coastal regions to breed and nest. About 60 percent of Atlantic puffins make Iceland their home for the breeding season. A special treat for animal lovers and bird watching enthusiasts, Puffins can be observed in the wild as early as April.

3) Reykjavík is jam-packed with festivals.

Spring breathes new life into Reykjavík’s bustling art scene. The capital and its neighboring towns pulse with a fresh energy that brings forth so many cultural activities for tourists to immerse themselves in. The Blues Festival, Children’s Culture Festival, and the Raflost Festival of Electronic Music are a few of the many fun attractions happening in the spring.

4) Your last chance to see the Northern Lights before summer begins.

Last chance to see the Northern Lights in Reykjavik is in Spring

Iceland is considered one of the popular countries in which to see the northern lights because of its ideal weather conditions. The best time to see this spectacular sight is usually from late September until March. However, this unique phenomenon can be seen as late as mid-April, when the night sky is clear of clouds and dark enough to fully experience the brilliant glow of the aurora borealis.

5) The falls and other outdoor activities are back again in April.

As the weather gets warmer, the snow begins to melt away, revealing lush hiking trails, hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, and waterfalls that are reopened to the public. Visitors are able to hike giant glaciers, wander black sand beaches, and gaze at majestic fjords. Be sure to visit Vatnajökull National Park, located in the south of Iceland, to see the purple flowers called lupines blossom around one of the largest glaciers in the world.

6) Chances are everything is cheaper in spring (not cheap but cheaper)

Flights and hotel prices are usually cheaper in the spring than they are compared to other seasons. Rates drop down as low as 30-50 percent than the typical prices you would find in the summer and winter. If you’re searching for affordable flights and accommodations, try websites like to find and compare great offers. So never too early to start looking for the best deals!


Book with for the cheapest flights.

What to wear in Iceland in Spring (April/May)

Pay no mind to the weather forecast as Iceland’s weather changes multiple times throughout the day. Make sure to pack thermal layers, comfortable  hiking shoes,thermal socks, warm clothes,merino wool,scarf and waterproof outerwear for spontaneous showers. Dressing in layers is the best way to stay prepared for the wide range of temperatures.

Be prepared for the icy wind. 

Check out the Spring or “winter-ish” getup in Iceland. 


The Weather in Iceland in spring


April days consist of rising and falling temperatures that usually stay somewhere between 4.4 degrees Celsius (40 F) and 7 degrees Celsius  (45 F). May is considered warmer and sunny with very little rain. In the spring, increased daylight and long sunsets give visitors more time in the day for road trips and outdoor activities.

Other things to do in Iceland in April/May

The weather may warm up and the sun may be shining, but Iceland still has plenty of winter activities for the sporty tourist. Add excitement and thrill to an Iceland adventure with glacier hiking, ice climbing, snowmobiling and ice cave tours. These attractions are year-round adventures that put you right in the heart of a winter wonderland.

Glacier Hiking


Click here to check out the rates

Ice cave tour


One of the popular cave tours in Iceland is at Vatnajökull        credit: Getyourguide

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Tour to Hafnarfjörður credit: Getyourguide

Horseback riding through Iceland’s scenic wilderness is a great activity for couples and families who want an intimate tour through nature. Iceland’s diverse terrain gives you the option of trotting through the green countryside or along the picturesque shoreline.

   credit: GetyourGuide
Click here to check out the rates 

Whale Watching 

Elding whale watching tours are perfect for a fun outing on the open sea. Tourists can expect to catch a glimpse of the usual suspects: Minke whales, Humpback whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

How much would an affordable trip to Iceland cost in the spring?

  • Tickets: It’s possible to purchase round-trip tickets as low as $250 USD to Reykjavik, Iceland from most major U.S. cities. Airlines like Icelandair, WOW air, Delta, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are a few airlines that offer affordable prices. Consider booking your flights a couple months in advance to keep the cost under $1000 USD.

Check out for the full comparison

  • Accommodation: Iceland offers a variety of lodging accommodations including hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and Airbnb. Booking your housing far before your travel date will make it easier for you to find a place that fits perfectly within your budget. Airbnb costs will vary depending on whether you chose to reserve a shared room, a private room or an entire home. Most hostels cost less than $100 USD per night, while a hotel room may be anywhere between $100 and $500 per night.
  • Food: There are good restaurants in Rekjavík, but because most of the country’s food is imported, dining out every day and every night might become a bit expensive to some. If your hotel or Airbnb has a kitchen, consider buying food from the groceries and make your own meals to save money. The average cost of dining out in Iceland costs $18 -23 USD. Keep in mind, Iceland also has a heavy tax on alcohol. Usually, beers in the pubs cost 11 USD. Purchase a bottle of your favorite wine, liquor or beer to keep in your room or catch the happy hour specials at the local bars for an affordable nightlife.
  • Tours: Luckily, a lot of Iceland’s big attractions are free. Most of the national parks are free and it’s just a matter of getting there. But we decided to go ahead with group tours to Reykjavik’s famous sites and everything went smoothly as planned.  With an addtion to a guide throughout the whole trip, the tour will be unforgettable. Firsthand knowledge from the tour guide will tell you all the facts about Iceland. It’s a luxury to have someone tell you where you’re going every morning, where the best spots for instagram-worthy photos and best of all get you to your destination stress-free. Tours start from$60-$120 and come with a hotel pick-up.

Check out the tours from Get your Guide


  • Transportation: Most rental car services charge around $50 USD a day.  The earlier you arrange for a rental car, the better chance you have at finding a good deal. If you prefer to explore without a car, the city’s public transportation system is a reliable alternative option. The Reykjavík City Card grants access to the bus as well as the museums.

    Check out the car rental rates in Rental Cars Connect

Everything you need to know about traveling to Iceland in the spring


 Regardless of what season you’re traveling, Iceland is an amazing place to visit any time of the year. Its surreal nature that it has to offer is unmatched by any other. 
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