Malta Travel Blog : Taking My Time Off Reality In Malta

 Malta Travel Blog:  Taking My Time Off Reality In Malta


This post is very special to me. This was the time I was a little down and all that I was thinking about was that I needed a break from reality and to travel to a place where I could just relax and pretend that everything was in pause mode. I was checking on the internet for a perfect place to unwind with a budget of course, and I came across Malta.That is why came up with this Malta  Travel Blog to pour my heart out a bit.  For those of you, my beloved readers, who are wondering where Malta is, it is located south of Italy, center of the Mediterranean and the Eu’s smallest member. Its fresh, blue Mediterranean sea and warm smiling people makes one forget all the earthly problems in the world.

Malta Blog:Valleta Panoramic View

Quick Guide About Malta

Island hopping: Island hopping is a must thing to do in Malta. Although it may be swamped with tourists in the summer but its worth the hassle.We got a good deal from Oh Yeah Malta which departs from Melliah Bay to the Blue Lagoon.

Ferry: How to get to the Blue Lagoon in Comino Island?- Boat trips are available all year round departing every hour daily. The boat leaves from Marfa and Cirkewwa . The trip takes around 30 mins to Comino. €10 for adults and half the price for children.

Food: Fenkata(rabbit stew) and Pastizzi(Maltese pastry) are a must try.

Taxis: Taxis are everywhere on the little island of Malta. White taxi service is the official taxi in Malta. Always make sure to agree about the fare before getting on the taxi. A taxi from the airport to Valletta costs 15 euro and to Melliah costs around 30 euros.

Transfers: Prepaid taxis are a better option than the regular taxis. This saves you from haggling with the driver yet cheaper.
A private transfer from the airport to Mellieha costs 20 euros compared to a standard rate of 30 euros the official taxis charge. We booked our transfers through Sun Airport Transfers which never failed to impress us.

Buses: Buses are always the cheapest way to get around the city. Malta is a populated city and it may take some time to get to your destination during rush hours due to high traffic.



We stayed at DB Seabank Resort in Malta. This is my first time staying at an all-inclusive Hotel. Trust me, everything was A-mazing. From the sumptuous foods they serve and their amazing pools for both adults and kids. They also have an indoor pool (for the cold and winter months).

Malta blog: db Seabank Resort's outdoor pool


We arrived at noon at the airport and from there, we had a taxi service pre-booked through (Sun Transfer Taxi service) because it’s a lot easier for us and because it would take around two hours travel time if we took the bus, and for a cab, it will take around 30 minutes.  Upon arrival at the hotel, we ate our lunch at the Coral restaurant, one of the six restaurants in the hotel, which was awesome by the way, with the beach view.

The hotel serves different kinds of dishes from Asian, Italian, American, Mediterranean and surprisingly Brazilian dishes. From morning until late evening, the hotel is overflowing with food and drinks. Trust me, you will never think about eating out even one bit.


The second day-

We went to Valetta which is an hour’s bus ride from Mellieha Bay, the place where we were staying, costs only 1 euro (yes you read that right, it is just 1 euro for an hour’s bus ride).   Valetta boasts of its fortified defensive walls from the 16th century and its Mediterranean inspired architecture.  No wonder the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




                                   A quick photoshoot at Valleta . . .




We reached the Barraka Gardens. A place where one can enjoy the scenic beauty of Malta and that panoramic view is breathtaking. It is free by the way so I was really happy (you know I’m always thinking about the budget). The best things in life are free, right?


                                                                Enjoying the view at the Barrack Gardens





                                                                           Upper Barakka Gardens . . .



                                                               The view below the Upper Barakka Gardens



Afterwards, we went to the Valetta waterfront to see the sunset (that was sooo romantic).



Third day Gozo trip


                            The city of Gozo . . .


The highlight of my Malta trip was when we went to Gozo island. Such a tiny island and much smaller than Malta but rich in history and the heart-stopping panoramic views left me in awe.



We rented a sailboat to visit the different islands near Malta.  One can actually take the public boat which costs a lot more but for us, it was a long commute and the boat we took was just right across by our hotel. We paid around 20 euros for the 6-hour tour. Our first stop was Gozo island and we had a hop on and hop off arranged for us and it was inclusive already of the tour. We had an hour to explore Gozo island and my favorite spot was the Azure Window. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, does this ring a bell?


Azure Window

                                                                                            Azure Window


A picturesque view and one can have goosebumps while climbing to the top. Actually, we did not climb considering Pierre has a thing for heights. The sad thing is that last March 4, 2017, the Azure Window was washed away by the  storm. It really broke my heart but at the same time, I felt blessed that I’d had a chance to admire that beautiful rock formation that makes thousands of people come to the island just to see it.





                                                  Taking a tour around Azure Window







                                                    A stop at the Blue Lagoon. . .


Our third stop was the Blue Lagoon in the island of Comino. Yes, the place stands for itself as its color is as blue as the sky that makes anyone jump on one of the best beaches in Malta. On the island, you can find a lot of food trucks if you are hungry. The children can swim in the shallow waters by the coast and there are a lot of activities to choose from like banana boat, jet ski etc.




The Popeye Village

Our fourth day was pretty exciting because we went to this very iconic place, the Popeye Village in Malta. It was a 15-minute walk from our hotel.


                                          Olive takes a selfie instead of taking a picture of us…  


                                      Finally, a picture with Popeye and Bruto!



                                                        Not sure if it’s Popeye’s  house.  . .



All in all, Malta is such a beautiful country. Our location is definitely a 10 because of the beach, Valetta is an hour away but the bus is so affordable so that was a plus. Our hotel was all inclusive so we just ate all our meals at the hotel which serves food and drinks all day long. The people were so warm, hospitable and a huge plus because they speak good English. If you’re looking for a cheap holiday getaway somewhere in Europe, then fly to Malta! It’s warm all year round!

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