Prague Travel Tips When Visiting Prague For The first time

Visiting Prague for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know about the historical capital of Bohemia.These Prague travel tips will come in handy for those exploring Prague for the very first time.


1)Getting to the city center from the airport is as easy as it may seem.
It’s just 1 euro and some cents and you get the 90 minute-card. The bus goes every 8 minutes and you’ll be at the city centre in a little over 30 minutes.
Take the  119  Nádraží Veleslavín.
->At Nádraží Veleslavín, take the Depo Hostivaŕ and get off at Můstek A  and you’re  at the finish line.


2) Prague’s Old town is the place to be.
That’s right, it’s the place to be if you want to go sightseeing and there’s going to be some heavy walking along the marble ground.
In this wonderful town filled with cobblestoned lanes, you can’t miss these must-sees:
Astronomical Clock
This clock, preserved from the 1400’s, is undeniably an eye catcher. It puts on a little show where the 12 apostles come parading out from the little doors of the clock.

The Prague Castle
Guinness World Records listed the iconic castle which spans an area of 750,000 sqm as one of the biggest castles in the whole world  The castle, which dates back from medieval times, was expanded a couple of times during the 18th century.
Pro tip: Witness the Ceremonial changing of the guards at 12:00 noon.


Charles Bridge
Take a stroll across the Charles bridge and be amazed at the 30 different statues built over the bridge. Also known as “The Stone Bridge”, this bridge has withstood several floods during the day and was barely damaged during the second World war.
Pro tip: Want to make a wish?
Tradition says that touching the image of the falling man on the right plaque of John Nepomuk brings luck. If you’re having a hard time looking for the magical spot, then look for people rubbing the plaques like crazy and for sure you’re in the right spot.


Prague Travel Tips when walking around the Old Town: 1)Be sure to wear comfortable shoes when walking along the paved cobble streets. 2) Try going to the Old town early in the morning to avoid the huge crowd.



3) Expect the Old town to be touristy.
The old town is jam-packed with tourists, especially Chinese tour groups almost all year round. Taking that perfect picture would be a challenge but if you have some moves up your sleeve, you can do it.


4) Trdelnik, Otherwise known as “Chimney cake” is Prague’s most popular pastry. These sweet treats are all over the old town. A cinnamon-flavored dough roasted over an open fire.  Top this with the ice cream of your choice and get to taste a piece of heaven.
Pro tip: Try getting a hold of this treat around 10 am and chances are you’re getting the most crispylicious.

Prague Travel Tip: The Trdelnik or otherwise know as the chimney cake is a must try street food in Prague



5) Petrin Tower
Prague’s own replica of the Eiffel tower but due to monetary constraints, it’s just the mini version of this popular tower. Must see!


6) Zero Commission is not always zero commission. You can get your money’s worth when exchanging money at the city. Always do some research beforehand of the current value of the currency you’re going to exchange with. It’s A-okay to pay with card! No stress!


Some taxis, especially in tourist spots, can be a little bit tricky in Prague even locals warn tourists about it. Always get an idea in advance of how much you’re going to pay before riding the taxi. A transfer would be an alternative which is super reliable or if not, the best and cheapest option would be taking public transport.


We booked ourselves Prague Airport Transfers to and from the airport and they never seemed to disappoint us.Everything is prepaid and a free walking tour around the old town is included.


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