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What is RFID?

RFID means Radio Frequency Identification which is used nowadays to transmit data from credit cards and passports to collect information contactless.


Why invest in RFfID blocking products?


  • Millions of contactless credit cards  have been a huge trend on the international scene making transactions a simple “tap and pay.” These cards are marked by  curved lines radiating.


  • Modern crooks nowadays have a portable RFID reader which hacks financial and personal information while credit cards are in your bag without you knowing it.
  • RFID Blocking products have a special insulate inside that contains metal fibers that block frequency transmission.
  •  Credit Card Fraud and Identity theft cases have increased by almost 35% for the past several years.
  •  Some of these devices can scan your credit card information remotely.



Tips to consider  when choosing RFID Blocking products:

1)Aluminum–  Aluminum’s special feature is the best for blocking radio waves.

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2)Leather– For wallets, leather is another recommended material.  Besides its aesthetic attribute, its durability guarantees for long-term use.


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3)Size – An ideal size of choosing the right RFID wallet especially when traveling is something huge enough to store all your items. It should have several compartments to keep everything all in one place for easy access.

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4) Weight–  Besides the needed compartments in a product, ensure choosing a product that is lightweight. Travelling light  can’t be stressed enough.This makes the  travel experience  less stressful and  a lot easier to move around when traveling light.





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