"S" on Her Chest: Safety Tips for the Solo Female Traveller

“S” on Her Chest: Safety Tips for the Solo Female Traveller

Are you a solo female traveler? Here are some handy safety and security tips for the adventurous woman who travels alone.

I tend to travel alone more than I do with others because, being unencumbered, I can be more spontaneous than my married friends, mothers, and fathers, with a mortgage and the whole shebang. I love it, though, the ability to plan a trip and explore a place on my own, without the hassle of nagging associated with some group trips. Yet, one has to be reasonable as well, principally as a sole female explorer. Let’s face it, even in the most idyllic paradise, one can encounter a host of dangers, and you need to be clever about the way you carry about yourself.

Tips for the Solo Female Traveller

Book day flights where possible.

If you can avoid flying into a strange country during the graveyard periods, then do it. And if you cannot reasonably prevent night flights, be mindful of your surroundings once you land. The best advice would be to pre-book transportation before you arrive from a trusted source, be it your hotel or through your travel agent. Or you can seek assistance from the airport’s Information Desk or security. In any event, be careful when moving around late at night, after a long flight.

Research your hotel thoroughly.

I always have difficulty picking a hotel for my vacations because I am always sensitive to my solo female traveler status. So I look for hotels that speak directly to my safety and the security of my belongings. Avoid hotels that may be isolated or far away from the activities which you may be interested in. I have found it extremely useful to not solely depend on the hotel’s website for information because, as a marketer myself, we are trained to sell the best of our product. Instead, refer to user-driven sites such as Tripadvisor for honest customer reviews and ask questions about prospective hotels. See what previous guests thought about the rooms, the location, the staff, and the facilities in terms of safety.

Choose your hotel room carefully.

I always look for hotel rooms close to exits or elevators, preferably not on the ground floor, and come with a safe where I can store belongings like my passport. Never be scared to request the hotel team for rooms based on your precise partialities.

Check-in regularly

My mother worries when I am on vacation, but I do check in regularly. Before you jet off on your solo adventure, leave all the details associated with your trip with someone close to you – the name of the hotel, tour itinerary, flight numbers, contact info, etc. Let your check-in contact know where you will be during your trip and who you may be with.

Be Simple.

Do not outfit or behave in such a way as to attract undesired thoughts to yourself. Try to fit in with your environment and those around you. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or too-tight, too short clothing.

Keep back-ups.

You never know what will happen on your vacation, so you mustn’t be left stranded literally and figuratively. Make duplicates of your passport, and if feasible, keep an electric model online or an active copy with someone familiar. Ensure you make copies of all the used/stamped pages and all visa information. Have your bank’s number – emergency and otherwise – stored somewhere as well, in the event of stolen credit cards or travelers’ cheques. Don’t keep all your money in one location either, so in the event, your purse is stolen, you have spare cash elsewhere – like in your shoe, your hotel safe, or any other creative place you can think of.

Know your local emergency numbers.

Keep a card with the emergency contact numbers on you at all times. Have an idea where your local police station and hospital care, if you have an emergency while on vacation.

Practice critical phrases in the native language.

Discover a bit of the language spoken in your vacation spot. Not only is it affable to do so, but it can also facilitate things when you require an assistant. Have a language guide handy and know vital phrases like “Help!” or “Can you give me directions to the police station/hospital.”

Constantly be conscious of your surroundings.

Be Careful to who is generally you and what is occurring to you. Never accept whatever for conferred when exploring. Pickpockets and other criminals are well skilled in the art of deception and speed and can change your life instantly. You can look up discussions with fellow travelers, and I recommend doing a group tour while on vacation, which allows you to make friends who can stay friends during the rest of your trip and give you the comfort of traveling in a large group.

These are just a few tips to keep the solo female traveler on her toes while exploring the world’s most exciting and captivating destinations. There is no purpose why any woman should not feel empowered to pack her bag, pick up her passport and pick a destination.



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