Santorini Nightlife: The Nightspots on the Island of Santorini

Santorini is known for its scenic views and notable white and blue architecture. In fact, viewing the sunset at Santorini is considered one of the best views in the world. But after this sunset, the Santorini nightlife takes over for an unforgettable experience each night.



Here is a list of the top nightclubs and beach clubs on the island of Santorini.

Enigma Club

Enigma Club is the most popular nightclub in Santorini.It’s a large club with multiple levels, a dancehall, as well as an outdoor patio with its own bar. Enigma’s popularity comes from its international appeal. Thus, you’ll find a wide variety of music being played here and people dancing well into the early morning hours. It’s a place to enjoy amazing drinks including specialty cocktails and Greek favorites. In the peak summer season where tourism is at its highest, you can expect this club to be packed every night. Enigma Club is definitely iconic to the Santorini nightlife scene. It’s a place that must be visited if you want the full Santorini experience.

Address: 25ης μαρτιου 103Thíra, Kikladhes, Greece
Phone: +30 2286 022466


 santorini nightlife takes place in this wonderful island



Koo Club

Koo Club is another one of the more popular clubs located in Fira. This club presents a variety of atmospheres for its guests. It has a large outdoor patio which has a few bar options. You’ll find a topical vibe here to enjoy the nightlife in the open air under palm trees. There is also lots of space to lounge. Inside is a large dance floor with more of a party atmosphere. The music at Koo Club plays a mix of music with a range from electronic to R&B. They’ll also blend in local Greek hits to enjoy. The crowd here is more upscale as it requires a bit dressier type of clothing to enter. You definitely will find yourself drinking a variety of drinks here.

Address: Fira Santorini Cyclades,Greece
Phone: +30 2286 022025



Casablanca Soul

It’s almost impossible to miss Casablanca Soul. This trendy bar is located in Fira and is conveniently in the center of the city. You’ll  notice lots of other great Casablanca Soul venues but Casablanca Soul is definitely one that stands out. This bar originally was a bar known for its underground rock music scene but has since developed into a top nightlife destination. The bar features live DJs playing a mix of music which can include anything from soul to disco to funk music. They host various local and international DJs so the music and overall experience can vary depending on what night you visit. Casablanca Soul also has live music and other events throughout the year. It’s a large bar with lots of indoor and outdoor space to enjoy the party atmosphere here.

Address: Casablanca Soul Santorini, Gold Street, 84700 Firá
Phone: +30 2286 021671


Mamounia Club Santorini

It’s one of the popular venues where you’ll find predominantly locals in attendance. Many people enjoy this Greek-style club for a variety of reasons. The music played at La Mamounia is a mix of Greek mainstream and traditional music. In addition to the Greek music, you’ll quickly pick up on the local Greek dances while here. This club also has a great selection of Greek specialty drinks. The décor of La Mamounia is often a highlight feature of the club. This venue is very modern and updated often. It has both indoor and outdoor space decorated with glass details, palm trees, and colorful lights that create the ultimate party atmosphere.

Phone: +30 698 775 3077



Lioyerma is a cocktail lounge designed for a relaxing evening. The lounge also has a poolside bar. The best feature about Lioyerma is the view. Many people come here for a more private viewing experience of the iconic Santorini sunsets which can be seen from both the lounge seats and the pool. Lioyerma is open until midnight and has relaxing music playing throughout the night.

Address: Oia 84702, Greece
Phone: +30 2286 071190


Guide to a perfect Santorini Nightlife:

  • You should consider booking accommodations near Fira.

If you are coming to Santorini for the night escapades then Fira is the place for you. This little town of Greece is surrounded by clubs and bars.


Although there are places to enjoy around the entire island, Fira has the highest concentration of venues. It will be much easier to check out multiple venues around this area.

  •  The nightlife in Santorini ranges from appealing to backpackers to more VIP guests.

Knowing which venue to go to will definitely make your experience that much better. Bar and lounges typically don’t have cover charges for entry but many of the top clubs on the island do.

  • Always have enough cash on hand.

Some small establishments like bars and restaurants accept only cash so it is always smart to have some cash just in case.

  • Looking for food after an intense night out? I got the place.

Bakery Svoronos

Address: Greece, 25is Martiou, Thira 847 00, Hellas

A 24/7 bakery at your service with lots of sweets and savory treats for you to choose from in the middle of the night.



The party in Santorini is one of the most exciting experiences in all of Greece. The scenic views from the island make it that much better. You’ll find that many venues have indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy it all. Partygoers can party from dusk till dawn with such a variety of nightclubs, bars, lounges, and other entertainment. The nightlife in Santorini has definitely something for everyone.

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