What to do in Vilnius: Never Knew This City Would Be This Lovely

What to do in Vilnius: Never Knew This City Would Be This Lovely

Vilnius, a vibrant city of Lithuania, is one of the baroque beauties of the three Baltic countries including Latvia and Estonia.People don’t know that there are a lot of things that Vilnius fascinates people.So, what to do in Vilnius?

Lithuania is popular for its genuine baltic amber, potato pancakes and baltic spas.

These spas were enjoyed for centuries and now are enjoyed by tourists, especially Europeans for weekends of relaxation and enjoyment.


Unfortunately, my beloved readers, my blog isn’t all about relaxation and chilling but it is seeking adventure and fun. My exploits are always composed of good food, a comfortable stay and a good reasonable budget.

So, here are the things that we have done for a couple of days in this astonishing little country:


We got a good deal for a 4-star hotel in Lithuania through Booking.com. Novotel is the name of the hotel which is located right at the heart of everything. Everything from shops (Zara, H&M, New York etc.) and most importantly, the tourist spots are just a few blocks from the hotel.

In a way, we saved a lot of time and money for the buses plus we’re burning some calories.”wink2″




To name a few of the tourist spots nearby are the Palace, Cathedral, Uzupis, and the Jewish Museum.

We traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania around February of 2017. It was an offseason considering the weather was a bit too cold. It ranged around -4 to -7 degrees Celsius so the number of tourists was close to none so it was a breeze of fresh air for us when taking a few snaps here and there.


From our hotel, we walked our way to the cathedral for around 10 minutes and voila, lo and behold…

The Vilnius Cathedral

Standing alongside the cathedral is the bell tower where one can climb for around 5 euros and get a great view of the city. Thanks to my fear of heights, we just skipped that one and just admired the view from below. The cathedral has a lot of sculptures that surround its walls and the ceiling was A-mazing.


The A-mazing Ceiling:

Sculptures on the wall


This is the Gediminas Tower but due to some unfortunate events, it was closed.  The downside of visiting offseasons are sometimes that other tourist spots are either closed or being renovated. So we just roamed around the castle and tower and took some pictures. We spent the whole afternoon near the hotel and did   little    bit of shopping because Lithaunia is known to be one of the unusually cheapest countries in Europe.

What to do in Vilniues? A must thing to see is the iconic Gediminas Tower.

The Uzupiz Angel

St. Anne’s Church


Here’s the street art in Uzupis:

The second day we explored Uzupis. It is a 20-minute walk from the cathedral and if you take the bus which costs around a euro, it will be a 5-minute trip.


In the narrow streets of Uzupis, one could see street art from every corner and some boutiques and restaurants along the way.  Here, one can find the Mermaid of Uzupis, a bronze sculpture located in a hole in the wall overlooking the river and is known to be the symbol for Uzupis. Sitting in her place, her beauty is hard to ignore.


Afterwards, we went straight to the Old Town in Vilnius. There, one can discover and indulge in the different kinds of restaurants and boutiques and most importantly, a good feel for Lithuanian culture.


A few points to remember:
1)Getting to the city centre/ Getting around the city centre

-The distance from the airport to the city is around 7km.Buses are always the cheapest way to get to town. The single ticket costs 1 Euro and you’d be there in 30. The 3G/88 bus goes every 10 mins. So, no rush. In case you’re wondering, Uber is available there.



he budget for the food in Lithuania is worth every buck.  The prices can range from 3 Euros – 9 Euros depending on your preference. As for our part, we spoiled ourselves several times with their mouth-watering crepe during the trip which cost around 3 Euros.



From hostels-hotels, the prices can range from 8€ and up.










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